Monroe Room

The Monroe room – Vibroacoustic Massage

Vibroacoustic Therapy is the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body. Based on resonance, soundwork creates change through vibration.

A specially designed vibro-sound room in Galim HPI combines vibrations, sounds, binaural beats and neurofeedback, to offer what we call – The Monroe Room.
The Monroe Room is a sound system that surrounds the entire body. It is a system of resonating sounds combined with a bed set in a very specific geometric structure. The Monroe Room experience has been found to relieve stress and stress related  symptoms and diseases, and to induce a deep state of relaxation.
The pysiologicaly beneficial effect of vibroacoustic therapy was reported by Dr. George Patrick in 1997, by a research conducted at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health. Statistically significant and clinically significant results in both tension-anxiety reduction as well as symptom reduction were reported after using vibroacoustic therapy on patients with chronic disease processes such as cancer, AIDS, and heart, lung, blood, and psychiatric disorders.
The goal of the project was to determine the effectiveness of vibroacoustic sounds in providing the relaxation response as an antidote to the stress of treatment and adjustment to the possibility of chronic or life-threatening conditions. Cumulatively, a 53 percent reduction of symptoms following the program was reported.
The Monroe Room enables a multi-sensory approach where all of the senses receive the same information enabling the brain to focus on discovery and mastery. In addition, the powerful vibrations create a physio-acoustic effect that increases circulation, relieves tension, breaks up old patterns, and harmonizes the body. Many users report intense emotional and spiritual experiences as well.
Sound researcher and chiropractor Jeffrey Thompson explains the reason for the powerful effect of vibroacoustic therapy and how it combines a physiological as well as emotional positive effect: A huge section of the brain stem and nervous system is devoted to sensing and processing vibration. Two entire columns in the spinal cord sense vibration and take up almost the whole posterior half of the spinal cord. In the primitive portions of the brain near the stem, large areas are devoted to the processing of vibration. “When you are lying on a sound bed, powerful emotional information, in the form of musical vibrations, gets processed right in the part of the brain where our most deep-seated emotional programs reside.
Sensory resonance is a state of mind that occurs when one is simultaneously inspired and challenged, but relaxed in a pleasurable experience. The Monroe Room was designed to help users relax and become inspired at the same time by synchronizing their senses with a unique form of therapy that allows them to simultaneously see, hear, and feel the harmonic vibrations. Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time can lead to states of sensory resonance that can bolster health by helping to balance the autonomic nervous system, the body’s number one control mechanism. The Monroe Room synchronizes the sensory mechanisms and encourages deep relaxation, profound inspiration, and emotional balance.
Dr. Drew Pierson, a psychologist with electrical engineering experience, notes that the purpose of vibroacoustic Therapy is to create tactile-soma integration.
According to Dr. Pierson, the low sounds travel up from the vagus nerve to the reticular activating system, touching all internal organs along the way. This is in complete contrast to how sound, heard through the ear, travels down through the vagus nerve to the anus, attaching to almost all the internal organs along the way.  The vagus nerve is a very important conduit of sound waves regardless of the direction.
Benefits of the Monroe Room Therapy experience include:
  • Exceptionally deep relaxation.
  • Ability to increase concentration enabling people with ADHD to focus better.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Reduction of all types of pain including chronic pain.
  • Relief of heavy emotional burdens.
  • Increased clarity, vitality and mental alertness.
  • Increased creativity and imagination.

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