Galim Center


Neurofeedback and Floatation therapy

The Galim Center was established at 1995 by the neuroscientist Yael Langford, and her husband Jeremy, an expert in sound and R.E.S.T ,neuro-therapy. Galim offers treatments for the relief of stress and pain and specializes in treating ADD/ADHD. Among the modalities used in the centre – A neurofeedback lab and clinic, R.E.S.T therapy treatments using floatationtanks and oscillated sounds.

Galim carries out research into the connection between science and consciousness and offers to its clients cutting edge neuroscience research – “ From the laboratory out into the practical world.”

Floatation benefits

Clients use the floatation tanks for many different purposes, including relaxation, getting rid of stress, pain relief, aiding recovering from injury, enhancing creativity and improving performance

Who Floats

Athletes ,Businessmen and women ,Pregnant women ,Meditation , creativity & learning ,Sufferers of pain and other ailments

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